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Creating young thinkers with the marvelous futures

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Modern facilities and future generation inside

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Developing caring young people who help to create a better world

Preparing children for success in a changing world

We teach and encourage a love of learning, collaboration and kindness

Encouraging students to become active and understand each other with their differences

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Working with students we achieve the extraordinary

Intertwined with nature

Various activities

Why don’t you come and register to our outdoor team!

ATATÜRK , the first instructor Ataturk's Corner in Egitmen

the new generations,

will be your opus!

Privileges of being in EGITMEN Emphasis on high educational standards

3D Education

In our three dimensional science and technology laboratories, our students; are privileged to learn by having fun and do realistic scientific observations.

The flipped approach to guidance

In a school environment, individuals impact on others. So, when planning guidance activities, the whole school community is taken into consideration.

Egitmen zero defects programme.

In order to achieve zero defects in teaching and learning, students are tested weekly on particular topics they have covered. .

Boutique schooling

Boutique schooling, offers a smaller model that allows for more personal focus; moving beyond the standard of teacher to student and extending a focus on teacher to parent, student to student and parent to parent interactions.

PHOTO GALLERY The vibrant life at our school

Why choose EĞİTMEN SCHOOLS? Eğitmen Eğitim Kurumlarını Neden Tercih Etmelisiniz

Differentiated educational programme

We offer co-curricular activities alongside the core and optional subjects, to deepen students’ knowledge in specific areas of interest. These activities are designed to support students' personal development. Activity periods are allocated in the school time table and they take part in groups of maximum 12 students.



Ideas Worth Spreading

Elite teachers in EGITMEN Effective Preparation, Qualified Teachers and a Bright Future

Building interdisciplinary bridges

Innıvative and Unique, Holistic Thinkers, Practical and Creativity Fostering

Positive and Motivational

Aware of the Needs of Different Types of Students, good team players and brainstormers.

Student Centred and Love Focused

Take Students with Different Personality Traits into Consideration; Fun and Dynamic; Coaches and Mentors for Their Students; Emphasize the Importance of Universal Values

Results and Performance Oriented

Making Decisions Based On Evaluation and Assessment; Strengthen Students' Written and Oral Communication Skills

Teacher Students Relationship in Egitmen Schools

Emotionally-Safe, Fair, Developing Creativity and Imagination, Eliminating Time and Space Constraints

Teacher Parents Relationship in Egitmen Schools

Visionary, Emphasizing Ethical Values, Promoting Social Responsibility and Based on Solidarity and Trust

School staff - Students Relationship in Egitmen Schools

Voluntary, Developing a Sense of Civil Society, Creating Awareness for the Environment and for Social Responsibilities


The Book Reading Programme helps students to improve understanding and questioning skills.


Weekly Follow up System. Teachers keep track of student progress.


Students are tested weekly on particular topics they have covered.


Weekend Revision Programme helps students to revise the week's topics.


Egitmen Schools, with its boutique structure, offers a smaller model that allows for more personal focus that leads to academic success. .


With the aid of Egitmen Follow up System, parents are kept up to date about developments and what and how their children are doing in school.


The extra tuition programme is designed to encourage students to work towards exams.


The Foreign Language Programme is an intensive one covering English and French language courses.


Egitmen School’s Nature Adventure Camp

Sign up for outdoor activities that are organised in collaboration with our partner Incekum Macera Park in their 170 acres of land in Riva coast of Black Sea.

  • ATV
  • Scouting
  • Trekking
  • Archery
  • Paintball
  • Diving Training
  • Bright Nights
  • Camp Fire
  • Orienteering
  • Rope Park
  • Horse Riding
  • Adventure Tracks
  • Survival Courses
  • Make-to-Learn Workshops


Our Academic Approach

Total Quality Management

Egitmen Follow up System (EFS)
Flipped approach to guidance (360 GUI)
Kaizen (Continuous Improvement)-Teacher Quality Cycle

Personal Coaching and Student-Centeredness

Egitmen Coaching System (ECS)
Opinion, decision-making and ability of thinking
Differentiated Educational Programme (DEP)

Motivation and success

3D Education
Egitmen zero defects programme (EZDP)
Weekend Revision Programme (WRP)

Unique and Creative

Smart School System (SSS)
Egitmen Outdoor Team
Responding to Individual Differences

Continuous Learning, Syllabus Development and Use of Technology

Expading Your Ability to Learn
Intensive Academic Programme

System Development, Teamwork, Workshops and Discipline

Know-How and Technicality
Performance Evaluation System (PES)

Creative Thinking, Innovation and R&D

Research and Projects-CreaLab
Brainstorming New Ideas-InnovaLab

School Leadership, Strategy and Entrepreneurship

Authority, organisation and impact



About Egitmen

Egitmen Educational Institutions were founded as a private teaching institution on the dreams of a group of idealist and enterprising teachers in Erenköy in 2002. Egitmen Educational Institutions ran in an extensive strategic planning process for the school system that involved the entire of Egitmen community. As a result of the experience and knowledge gained, Kozyatağı in 2013, Tuzla Villa in 2014 and Tuzla in 2015 Kozyatağı Science School in 2018 were opened in the field of education.